NO COMPROMISE Mercedes c63 AMG Liberty Walk @LBC63

Tobias Moers, AMG’s Dr. Frankenstein, engineered the Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe with “no compromises”.

Every millimetre of throttle push unleashes a raging elemental force.

It roars and growls on the way up, snaps and crackles on the way down. Their hand built M156 6.2-liter V-8 with 451 horses under hood bucking upwards of 7200 times a minute, live up to the set expectations.

For most, but not all. And definitely not for @lbc63.

Enter Liberty Walk.

Demanding attention and sparking controversy, LBW needs no introduction. Adding their signature style, widened fenders that easily eat up the 1st ever set of GOVAD Forged G33 HALL.  The impeccable 3-stage translucent red coating exaggerates the 12″ wide rears, while the Gunmetal lips accentuate the 3M Matte grey wrap. 

Accuair stepped in to lay down the fenders on the wheels and the diffusors on the ground.

A killer look, vicious growl, and the bite to match.

No Compromises.

@govadforgedwheels x @lbc63 x @lbwk

Govad custom field G33

Model – G33 HALL
Configuration – 3-Piece Concave with Step Lips
Front – 19×9
Rear – 19×12
Face Finish – 3-Stage Translucent Red with Hand Painted Gunmetal Channels
Lip Finish – Gunmetal
Centercap Finish – 3-Stage Translucent Red with Hand Painted Gunmetal G
Hardware Finish – Gunmetal