@govadforged X @Deberti X @Braddeberti = @C10slayer

Chevy C10 6-wheeler on GOVAD G67 RUMI  


Introducing the c10Slayer. Not your pop’s C10.

We are living in an age of re-interpretation.

Old School meets the new school

And there is no better showcase of such work than the Deberti built C10 Slayer.

Doug and Brad Deberti team, the father and son dynamic duo responsible for merging the past and future into one wild creation.

Up front lives a Whipple-blown LSX376-B15 producing 1000hp topped of with a massive red fuel-injection stacks.

At the rear, a custom chassis was built between the DeBertis and Scott’s Hotrods ’n Customs to house the tandem double rear axles. Just like on a big rig.

No air ride here, but hydraulics. Not your pops hydraulics either.

Mittler Brothers hydraulic-over-spring HydroShox support the C10; unlike airbags, the HydroShox can maintain a constant spring rate at any given ride height by effectively tying the spring perch to a hydraulic cylinder that lives up front.

Advanced Fiberglass Concepts flares complete the bodywork draped over the 6 wheels.

Fitted with 6 of our GOVAD Forged G67 RUMI 24×13 in our signature RUBY red.

Not your pop’s C10

@govadforged X @Deberti X @Braddeberti = @C10slayer



Model – G67 RUMI


Configuration – 3-Piece Concave with Step Lips

Front – 20 x 10

Rear – 20 x 13

Face Finish – RUBY Red

Lip Finish – Gloss Black

Centercap Finish – RUBY Red with Custom Engraving

Hardware Finish – Gloss Black