Lamborghini ESPADA Hot Rod on GOVAD G67 RUMI


Lamborghini ESPADA is a 4-seat grand touring coupé built by Italian car manufacturer Lamborghini in 1968

The car was designed by Marcello Gandini at Bertone and powered by a 325hp Lamborghini V12 engine

Yes, a 4 seater V12 Lamborghini in 1968 !  As rare as they come, as cool as they come

But that wasn’t enough to stop the mad scientist Alexander Danton at Danton Arts Kustoms to transform the GT to a hot rod Lamborghini like no other

Our first collaboration with the flamboyant French custom shop, @danton_arts_kustoms, renowned for a unique style that blends classic euros with an all American hot rod flavor

Espada translates from Spanish as “sword” – in particular the type a matador would use to slay a bull in a bullfight

Danton Art Kustoms sharpened this blade by removing the front hood and fabricating a new sheet metal front end reminiscent of future Aventador

Interior is pure custom with no traces of 60s Italian comfort or aesthetics. Brutalism in metal panels adorned by rough patches of aluminum riveted together to contrast to the perfectly painted smooth Italian tricolor flag

Aluminum toggle switches and analog speedometer are the only controls and mounted smack in the middle of the dash

It also sits 8.2-feet wide thanks to the 14″ wide G67 RUMI Forged Wheels, adorned in Michelin tires that sit completely outside the bodywork

Is this a car for the purists?

If by purist you mean Ferrucio Lamborghini, then maybe.

Elo XXXX the new owner of the neo-vintage ESPADA invited Fabio Lamborghini, nephew of the fabled icon to Miami find out the answer to this very question.

“First thing he said was, if [my uncle] was here, he would have approved”

Fabio put his signature on the ESPADA to that testament.

There are no words to describe the raw beauty that is the neo vintage Lamborghini ESPADA.

Either you love it or you hate it | There is no middle ground

As the reactions are divided, reactions are 100% guaranteed

There are no words, so we let the images speak

@govadforged x @danton_arts_kustoms



Model – G67 RUMI Special Edition

Configuration – 3-Piece Concave with Step Lips
Front – 19×10 with 5″ lips
Rear – 20×14 with 8.5″ lips
Face Finish – RUBY Red 
Lip Finish – NIGHTLIFE Black
Centercap Finish – RUBY Red
Hardware Finish – NIGHTLIFE Black