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Montreal in the province of Quebec in Canada is known for a few things; french speaking, cobblestone streets, maple syrup and the original poutine. 

What is not commonly known is that Quebec is also home to the T-rex; the world’s finest three-wheeler

The chassis is constructed in Montreal from from 1.5-inch tubular steel covered with fiberglass body panels.

Powered by the in-line 4 cylinder 1441cc engine from KAWASAKI® mated to a six-speed manual transmission from a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14.

Yes, from one of the fastest bikes on the planet. 

Sitting just inches from the road, with a barely covered cockpit, every sound and turn is amplified to as close to an F1 car as you can get on the road  

At only 453kg (dry weight) and made of ultralight composite materials the T-REX delivers instant accelerations; a race car type of experience

The T-Rex is seriously quick in any gear, and rowing through the first 2 gears is more like banging through them and holding on to your nerves  

As race cars come with loads of safety quipment, the T-REX come with none of that

There is no power steering, no power brakes, no traction control, no airbags, no audio, and no air-conditioning

As primal as you can get 

The Aero3s enhancements gives this TREX the look to match the bite

To complete the package, the beast was fitted a set of (3 in this case) of blood red G67 RUMI street

This hungry TREX is ready to prowl the streets of Toronto

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Model – G67 RUMI street



Configuration – 3-Piece Concave with Step Lips
Front – 18 X 8
Rear – 20 X 11
Face Finish – BLOOD Red
Lip Finish – BLOOD Red
Centercap Finish – BLOOD Red
Hardware Finish – GUNMETAL