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GOVAD Forged Wheels


We only make the finest Forged Wheels

Bespoke classic 3-piece Modular, 2-piece Duoblock and 1-piece Monoblock with maximum concave are house specialty

We do not make volume wheels, cast or rotary forged

Each set is designed and individually engineered in-house at our Toronto office and manufactured in our Los Angeles facility using the highest quality Forgings, Lips and Barrels made in USA

No set is identical to another, but every set is at the Cutting Edge of Style, Tailored Fitment and High-Performance

Our forged wheels are at home on a 1000hp custom C10 6-wheeler hotrod to a stanced widebody kitted C63amg and everything in between

No matter what you are building, if you want to stand ahead from the pack, GOVAD Forged Wheels are the only choice


Discover our 2022 collection crafted exclusively for Connoisseurs

Aim Forward


You are in Control of every Detail

– Online Order Form conveniently captures every Detail

– Complimentary 3D model visualizes every angle of every Detail

– Cutting Edge CNC Manufacturing process carves every Detail

– Transparent Quality control ensures exacting specifications on every Detail

– Finest Forged Wheels built to the last but not least Detail

GOVAD Personalized Service places you at the center of control

– Online Order Form easily captures every specification of your vision

– Custom 3D model visualizes every detail

– Transparent Manufacturing process tracks progress of every stage

– Complimentary digital photobook

– Tailored Luxury care package to each enthusiast