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G82 Vilinus Carbon8

2 timeless elements of wheel design; The 5 spoke and the Y-spoke, merged to create a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Then we maxed it out with DYMAG Carbon Fiber. 

Meticulously engineered, expertly CNC milled from 6061-T6 forged aluminum to create a lightweight wheel for superior handling, braking and acceleration.


Material Of Construction – USA made, TUV rated Forged 6061-T6 Aerospace grade Aluminum

Engineering – In-House Engineering \ CNC Programming

Construction Type – 2-Piece Classic Modular

Face Profile – Concave

Lips/Barrel – DYMAG Carbon Fiber

Hardware – Fully Exposed, Half-Exposed or Hidden Stainless Steel or optional Titanium hardware available at Premium Charge (See Finishes)

Centercap – Billet Aluminum, Custom engraving available at Premium Charge (See Finishes)

Finishing options – The Face, Lip, Barrel, Bolts and
Centercap can all be finished in any of our standard or custom color at Premium charge (See Finishes)

PCD – Built-to-order to specific Vehicle / Custom fitment

Weight Reduction – Reverse Pocketing available at Premium charge (See Finishes)

Applications – Built-to-order to specific Vehicle / Custom fitment

Available Diameter: 18 – 22″

Available Width: 8 – 14″

Starting from $4,000 USD each

carbon fiber
Select GOVAD designs carved from T6 6061 aluminum are mated to DYMAG carbon fiber lip/barrel for an ultra light wheel of unprecedent performance and aesthetics.
Cross-section of Govad Forged wheel with carbon fiber lips
3-piece Assembly
Carbon8 configurations precisely mates the DYMAG carbon fiber lip/barrel to the meticulously CNC machined concave forged aluminum centers using fully visible, 50/50, fully hidden stainless steel or optional titanium hardware torqued and sealed to specifications.
fea engineering
Perfecting the art of Shaving Weight through sophisticated cuts that create functional aesthetics, for the ultimate have your cake and eat it too.
2-Piece Centerlock
Nothing screams “race car” more than center-locking wheels. GOVAD can make any of our forged 6061-T6 aluminum wheels to fit factory center lock arrangements.
Cross-section of Govad Forged centerlock wheel with carbon fiber lips
made in usa
We only use locally Made in the USA parts, steel rolled lips and barrels, oem TPS compatible, ARP Titanium hardware and highest quality forged aerospace-grade heat treated forged 6061-T6 aluminum.
govad wheels
What is it that sets GOVAD Forged wheel apart from the rest? Is it our unique timeless designs? Is it our meticulous machining technique? Is it the surface preparation and strict quality standards? It’s not just one thing, its everything.

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