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Chevrolet C10 Slayer | G67 RUMI x6

If you’re a purist, this C10 is not for you. Its not your pops C10 either. 

The LS7, Whipple charged with 6″ velocity stacks piercing through the hood should make that clear from the very start. 

There is no bed back there, no hay to carry, only 4 RUBY red G67 RUMI forged wheels intended  to destroy tires. The 1000hp from the charged powerplant does that with ease and rubber is converted to grey smoke upsetting every environmental protection agency.

If you’re an enthusiast, this C10 is for you.

Govad Forged G67 RUMI

20″x10″ Front | 20″x10″ Rear

3-piece Step Lips

Hidden hardware

Center – RUBY red 

Centercap – RUBY red 

Lips – Gloss Black

Barrel – Gloss Black

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