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Lamborghini 2JZ Gallardo | G20 TURBO5

If you’re a purist, this Gallardo is not for you. 

Bryce of StreetAero ditched the Gallardo’s naturally aspirated V10 Italian powerplant in favor of the renowned Japanese 2JZTGT in a single 1000hp turbo configuration.

The rear bodywork has also been ditched and left exposed to the elements leading all wondering eyes to behold the blasphemy. 

We stepped in to add the most polarizing wheel design, the G20 TURBO5 in a CHAMPAIN finish seated in deep gloss black step lips. 

If you’re enthusiast, this Gallardo is for you.

Govad Forged G20 TURBO5

19″x9.5″ Front | 19″x13.5″ Rear

3-piece Step Lips

Hidden Hardware


Centercap – CHAMPAIGN 

Lips Gloss – Gloss Black

Barrel Gloss – Gloss Black

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