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Mercedes Benz C63 AMG | G33 HALL

The Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe roars and growls on the way up, snaps and crackles on the way down. The hand built M156 6.2-liter V-8 with 451 horses under hood bucking upwards of 7200 times a minute, unleashes a raging elemental force with every millimeter of throttle push.

For most, but not all. And definitely not for @lbc63.

Enter Liberty Walk. Demanding attention and sparking controversy, by adding their signature style, widened fenders that easily eat up the 1st ever set of GOVAD Forged G33 HALL.The impeccable 3-stage translucent RUBY red coating highlights the 12″ wide rears, while the GUNMETAL lips accentuate the 3M Matte grey wrap.

A killer look, vicious growl, and the bite to match.

Govad Forged G33 HALL

19″x9″ Front | 19″x12″ Rear

3-piece Step lips 

Fully exposed Hardware

Center – 3-stage RUBY red with hand painted GUNMETAL channels

Centercap – 3-stage RUBY red with hand painted GUNMETAL channels

Lips – GUNMETAL Grey

Barrel – Gloss Black

Hardware – Gloss Black

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